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December 20, 2014 By Dave Gipson Leave a Comment

One of my Ghosts of Christmas Past was a bicycle we bought for our first child. She was about 5, and the bike had to be assembled. Sure, I’m not a very handy guy, but how hard could it
replica ray ban sunglasses be? Attach handle bars and training wheels andvoila! So I set aside Christmas Eve night for assembly as soon as Emily went to bed.

There is that point in assembling any item, whether it’s the cheap particle board entertainment center you bought from Wal Mart or a bicycle. that a feeling of impending doom sets in. After you are way into the job, you realize that somewhere in the process your plan went terribly wrong.

It more than half way assembled, but you can tell either a major part is missing or you didn’t correctly follow the instructions. The debacle in front of me is the proof"

discount ray bans is the final stage in the death process, and mine came wrapped in duct tape.

OK, you can stop judging me now. The kid was only 5, and she could never have driven the bike if her handle bars curved downward. They had to be upright for her to hold onto them. And either there was some bolt thingy I had missed, or I was going to have to improvise. And by the time 2am rolls around, you really don’t care that you’re a lousy parent. You just want something under the tree.

So out came the duct tape. All my style conscious friends will be happy to know I was careful to wrap it decoratively at the central hub of the handle bars. Didn’t want it to look cheap, you know. It was a pink bike, so I reasoned that grey tape was kind of in the same color family

Oh, shut up already.
cheap ray bans I can hear your smart aleck remarks even through the interwebs.

You could say Christmas is really all about failure. It God’s response to my epic moral failures. Theologians call it "the Fall of Man", and the story of Adam and Eve in Genesis 3 illustrates our rebellion against God’s rightful rule in our lives.

The failure patterns are easy to spot from childhood. We grow up learning healthy boundaries, rules and respect. We decide to push those boundaries to get our own way, often to the detriment of others. We destroy our relationships and ourselves in the process, while stiff arming God and His right to guide our lives.

If I ever doubted the truth of this selfish cycle, parenting has effectively shoved it down my throat.

You watch your children as they flirt with wrong choices. You warn, you explain, you threatenand they do it anyway. Then you watch as the consequences pour into their lives, and you grieve.

Why couldn’t you lend your wisdom and experience into them? And if only the love you have for them could empower them to resist the things seeking to destroy them.

This is where God found Himself after the Fall. I don’t mean to suggest He was caught off guard by it He knew it had
fake ray bans to happen. He had to allow us to make our own choices even if that meant we’d choose wrong. He knew you and I would fail the test, so He had to have a follow up plan to fix us after we failed. He slipped into the backdoor of a dirty little planet and covering himself with the dust of flesh.

He lived a life in front of our eyes, so we could see what God was like in a form we could comprehend. With His death on the cross He paid for our wrongs, and with His resurrection He destroyed the power death had over us because of our sin.

And when we simply accept this beautiful forgiveness He offers, He does the very thing I longed to do for my kids He enters into our lives (by His Holy Spirit) to give us wisdom beyond our years and His own loving power working through us. The law we couldn live out in the Garden He is now enabling us to live through His love.

It reminds me of my favorite photo of my youngest daughter. In it, we are celebrating a Christmas around her fifth year. Music was playing and my baby wanted to dance. However, she had no idea how.

So I did what any good father would do I picked her up in my arms, and I danced for the both of us. I got this beautifully goofy picture of us, careening around the living room together. She didn need to know how to dance I did all the heavy lifting for her.

Christmas is when God came down to earth to teach us to dance His most perfect choreography. So when you fall and when you fail, know your Father is ready to pick you up in His arms and whirl you across the dance floor.

Dave would love to say hello to you this Sunday atLegacy Church, meeting at Gulfview Middle School, 10:30amArticles Connexes:

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launched with a Redesigned Newspaper and Website

Business in Vancouver Re launched with a Redesigned Newspaper and Website

Vancouver, May15th, 2012 Over the past nine months, the 23 year old award winning business news publication has been undergoing a complete reinvention of it’s weekly newspaper and website.

The result is a news source
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"We’re proud to say that we’re now producing more unique local business news each week than any
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The new BIV newspaper will feature more local business news, profiles, an enhanced data package and more advice from local business experts.

"This allows subscribers to
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Laguna Beach bank robbed again

A Laguna Beach bank that was robbed two weeks ago had a case of dj vu yesterday when it was robbed again, this time by a suspect who got away.

The teller complied with the bank robber’s demands and provided him with cash. The suspect fled the bank and was last seen on foot heading southbound on Glenneyre Street.

Police described the subject as a male white adult between 20 and 30 years old. He
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fake ray bans type sunglasses and a gray baseball hat.

The Laguna Beach Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are asking for the public’s
discount ray bans assistance in identifying the suspect in this bank robbery. Any calls of investigative assistance can be forwarded to 949 497 0377 or 949 497 0701.Articles Connexes:

Presenting do’s and don’ts

Too often I hear presenters on CR stations that obviously have had little or no training or experience making some cringe worthy contributions between songs. Many may miss the whole point of radio and/or not know how to approach the task at hand. Some may be (overly) confident at their ability to re invent the radio landscape and re educate listeners to see the world their way. Some may not fully consider their choice of music. Some others (in my experience) may actually think about listeners and want some direction and may go forward to develop a career in entertainment or broadcasting. For the latter, are there any accessible resources out there to point newby radio presenters at?Alternatively, could the experienced presenters here help build a simple guide? Maybe in the form of More of and Less of format, but in a constructive, non critical way.?No matter what time of day or night it is, we are guests in people’s homes, workplaces, cars and between their ears. Whilst TV has a watershed as laid down by the broadcasting regulator, radio does not, therefore we must not use any kind of swear words or profanities during any of our links, no matter how moderate or slight they may be. Also bear in mind that we broadcast on the internet and can be listened to in any part of the world and somewhere in the world it 6 O in the morning/evening or so.NO OFFENSIVE MESSAGES AND AVOID DISCUSSION OF TOPICS DEEMED TO BE OFFENSIVE OR LIKELY TO CAUSE OFFENSE.It is difficult to compile a comprehensive list of things that could fall into this category, so before you open your mouth and let it run, spend a few moments thinking about the likelihood of the subject that you wish to discuss on air causing offence to at least one listener. This can include:Specific (and often misunderstood) medical conditions that effect peoples health and/or mental state.Any individual (famous or not) who may be a subject of concern, ridicule or unfortunate circumstances. Bear in mind that the world is smaller these days and they often have the right to sue.If you are not sure, avoid discussing the subject altogether.MAINTAIN BALANCE AND INTEGRITYYou might agree/disagree or have strong opinions on some matters or subjects that you have a great interest in. However, you should not let them be known to the listener. Many presenters try and are forced to try even harder to maintain a balance of opinion by having another person on the program who needs to provide the opposing point of view, as laid down by broadcasting rules set by Ofcom, (the broadcasting regulator).If you are having discussions on sensitive or political issues, it is normally the responsibility of you, the presenter, to act as a chairperson in a discussion for which two representatives with opposing points of view hold an on air debate, for which you merely ask questions (for AND against) to provoke a response from them and prompt an answer. Please also bear in mind that you must try, as best as possible, to allow both representatives an equal amount of time and opportunity to give their views.Whilst we’re not exactly giving away listeners credit and
replica ray bans debit card details, in this age of identity fraud, it is puzzling that some stations allow their presenters to give quite detailed listeners information on air, such as the name of the street they live in.Please keep listeners’ details to an absolute minimum. It is probably best that the first name of the person and the town/village they live in is all that is mentioned. Do not pay heed to petty suggestions, especially by people who write messages on media forums, that listeners’ responses are being "made up" by the presenters to make a show sound as if it’s busy and popular with listeners.Like it or not, they help to pay the bills and we need them to stay on air, even if they do get in the way of your show and can become quite repetitive.DO NOT remove/cut/delete any scheduled advertisers in the playlist.DO NOT make any references to advertisers that are already advertising with us during your show, unless specifically instructed to do so as part of a competition promotion, for which the finer details will be supplied to you.PLEASE DO NOT make any references to other companies or specific
fake ray bans products that are not advertising with us if a similar company or product is being advertised on our station. There can be exceptions to this but if you’re not sure, don’t mention it. Common sense needs to be applied.YOU CAN make very quick references to generic products (but preferably not brand named ones) in a link, if it is providing a constructive part of the link. However, mentions of these should have no emphasis or detail about the products.We’ve got jingles for that! Loads of them too! Indeed, it is part of our station format that a jingle or station ident will be played before each presenter can do a link (with the exception of some specialist shows). We also have a jingle/station ident at the end of each 2 minute link OR we will have another means of identification at the start of the Community Spots or Program Trails and adverts.Therefore it is not necessary for presenters to identify the station as soon as they open up the microphone and begin talking.We don’t want to sound like parrots, so please refrain from identifying the station during the link, unless it is during moments when it can’t be avoided such as mentioning our website and contact details or providing details about a radio station event.Whilst we are a community radio station trying to provide large amounts of information about the area we serve, we are also a music intensive service with
cheap ray bans an emphasis on the feel good factor.Always take a note of the song or song(s) that were last played before your link and always mention the name of the artist/band and song(s), preferably at the start of the link. Listeners always like to know this, even if some songs
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A year after kidnap of schoolgirls in Nigeria

Wed, Apr 15 2015, 09:43 AM EDTAnd while the cry to "Bring Back Our Girls" remains a worldwide cause, the new president Tuesday would not repeat his predecessor’s failed promise to find them only that they won’t be forgotten.A solemn march was held to remember the 219 girls seized from their boarding school in Chibok by gunmen from the Boko Haram extremist group. In Nigeria’s capital of Abuja, 219 girls paraded in the streets, with each carrying a placard bearing
cheap ray bans the name of a kidnap
cheap ray bans victim."We believe the girls are still alive," said Dr. Allan Manasseh, the brother of missing 18 year old Maryamu Wavi, in an interview with The Associated Press.But it was clear that hope has dwindled a year after the April 14 15 mass abduction.President elect Muhammadu Buhari said he must be honest about the prospects of getting the missing girls back to their families."We do not know if the Chibok girls can be rescued. Their whereabouts remain unknown," Buhari said in a statement. "As much as I wish to, I cannot promise that we can find them."The statement by Buhari, a former military ruler of Nigeria who was elected last month and takes over May 29, is a marked departure from President Goodluck Jonathan. After Jonathan’s administration initially denied there had even been a kidnapping, he made repeated hollow promises that the girls would be rescued.Campaigners have replaced the slogan of "Bring Back Our Girls Now and Alive!" with a new one: "Never to be forgotten."Still, some of the marchers Tuesday held the new leadership accountable."We are here to appeal to the government to do better. We want our girls now and alive," said Solamipe Onifade, 16.A vigil was held after sundown, with people holding candles and singing.The gunmen initially seized 276 girls, but several dozen managed to escape as the militants transported them to the Sambisa Forest, with some clinging to the branches of trees from a moving open back truck. Those still missing may have been split up. Witnesses said some girls were taken across the border into Cameroon.Boko Haram’s leader, Abubakar Shekau, claimed they had converted to Islam and been married off to his fighters.A negotiator said that at least three died in the early days, from a snake
cheap ray bans bite, malaria and dysentery. Then, Jonathan refused to negotiate with Boko Haram, who were offering to exchange the girls for detained insurgents.The girls became the focus of a global campaign soon after their abduction. first lady Michelle Obama had said she was "outraged and heartbroken" about the kidnapping and also posted a picture of herself holding a sign reading "(hash)BringBackOurGirls" on her official Twitter account in May 2014.At least 2,000 women and girls have been abducted by Boko Haram since 2014, forced to become sex slaves and fighters, Amnesty International said Tuesday. Unknown hundreds of boys and young men also have been kidnapped and forced to fight for Boko Haram. Those who refuse are killed. has helped Nigerian security forces counter the threat by Boko Haram and also helped look for the kidnapped girls."Unfortunately, this kind of kidnapping story is one that is becoming all too familiar in Nigeria," Earnest said."We continue to be very concerned about that and we continue to be supportive of the efforts of Nigerians to counter the depraved tactics that are employed by Boko Haram," he said. government agencies was
fake ray bans in Abuja "to help both in the search, providing training, equipment, to try and help them find not just the girls, but all of those kidnapped by Boko Haram."A hopeful message addressed to the captives from Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai promised scholarships for the girls and said they must never lose courage.The 17 year old Pakistani activist who stood up to the Taliban chastised Jonathan’s administration and other countries."Nigerian leaders and the international community have not done enough to help you. They must do much more to help secure your release," she said.Malala said she and millions of people around the world stand in solidarity with "the Chibok girls.""We cannot imagine the full extent of the horrors you have endured. But please know this: we will never forget you. We will always stand with you. Young girls held handwritten signs demanding "Bring back our girls Now and Alive."Articles Connexes:

How To Get Hired in a Call Center

Call centers are very accessible if you are looking for a job, because they do not usually require employees to finish undergraduate degree courses. Most call centers will accept high school graduates, or working students. However, there are advantages and disadvantages in this job. This guide can help you get started as a call center agent.

Create your resume. You have to include all your past experience with regards to public relations and customer service. Also include your educational experience. Stress your skills in communication this is most important in call centers. Your resume is your passport to the call center you want to get hired in, so make it accurate and truthful.

Before applying for the job, you have to take a look at call centers
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cheap Michael Kors outlet service, which requires you to have excellent spoken English. Some will even be focused on providing services to clients in foreign languages. This will help you sort out the call centers you want to get into. You can search online, or you can ask the hiring manager what kind of agents they need. In addition, this can also give you backgrounds of the call centers and their additional standards in hiring.

Pass your resume. If you already found the appropriate call center for you, you have to pass your resume immediately. This can be done online, or by personally submitting your documents. Wait for their confirmation. Usually, the human resource department will evaluate your application within the day so you will find out if you are qualified or not.

If you have been notified for an initial interview, prepare yourself. You have to keep in mind that you only have one chance to prove yourself in that call center. Though being good looking is not a requirement, personal grooming is still important during interviews. You have to dress appropriately and comfortably. It is best to choose corporate attire when you go for an interview.

Practice speaking. In order to boost your confidence, try answering few possible interview questions by yourself answer them in front of your mirror. This will give you an idea on how you would look, deliver and project your answers. Your interviewers will ask you many questions that will test your thinking skills. In addition, they are also observing your pronunciation, diction and enunciation, as well as your accent. You have to remember that the key to pass the initial test is being confident about your answers as well as yourself. On the other hand, you have to make
cheap Michael Kors handbags sure that you will not sound arrogant in answering the questions.

If you have passed the initial interview, the next phase would be the final interview. In this process, you should expect more extensive questions. This is also the phase where you would be expected to negotiate your salary. You have to be reasonable in giving
cheap Michael Kors outlet an amount. Some companies have a standard rate for entry level positions. On the other hand, you have to stand with your offer because the company will try their best to comply with your needs, especially if you are seen as a good candidate.

Once you have hired for the position you are applying for, contract signing
fake Michael Kors is the last step. Do not sign the contract immediately without reading it. Take your time reading and understanding the contract, so you will not face any trouble. Some call centers require periods of training, under which you might not get the full amount of
replica Michael Kors handbags your salary, but only a stipend. Some call centers also ask for a bond you might have to work for them for a certain number of months or years in exchange for
cheap michael kors the cost of training you.

Make sure you have your own copy of your contract. After this, they will notify you where and when you will start your training.

Applying at call centers will require that you have a high level of confidence, and good communication skills. Be sure to choose a call center that suits your skills
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet and needs.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

Silence that will never be broken

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Articles Connexes:

Vbulletin Hosting

Vbulletin hosting service providers usually offer a lot of other services along with the standard web hosting for vbulletin. That is
cheap Michael Kors probably because the end consumers who demand vbulletin hosting also demand services such as vbulletin SEO, modifications and customizations. But what should be important to customers is not how many services or fringe benefits a vbulletin hosting service is providing, in fact it should be that whether they provide quality vbulletin forum
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Forums and online communities are huge market around the globe and one that keeps on growing as the time passes by. But it is not an easy market to get into, especially since so many competitors have sprouted. Making and maintain a vbulletin forum requires skills and knowledge both. Also getting the
Michael Kors handbag outlet forum hosted is the most important part. The best hosting for vbulletin is one which lets you have forums which are compatible with latest technologies and can handle higher amount of traffic. Even if you have SEO done and most of your traffic is coming through popular search engines, best vbulletin hosting should be able to handle this. From best vbulletin hosting services it is expected that they will install the forum for their customers and let them make changes to it as well. Adding mods and upgrading the forum should be given
cheap Michael Kors outlet when it comes to top vbulletin forum hosting. Options such as being able to migrate forums from other services to vbulletin and bandwidth are very important considerations when it comes to hosting for vbulletin. But what really distinguishes a good bulletin hosting from bad ones is their customers’ service. A smooth and proactive customer service ensures and makes sure that the customers are satisfied.

The start of a good vbulletin forum hosting service is when you install your vbulletin forums. The installation needs to be smooth and
Michael kors handbags outlet flawless, so that you can attend to matters which are really important
Michael Kors handbag outlet to your forum, the posts and customers. With better hosting for vbulletin you will be able to grow millions of posts without breaking a sweat. Some of the best vbulletin hosting service providers give free test sites upon installation of vbulletin forum on one domain.

Once the installation of the forum is complete the bullten service providers provide other special services as well which include SEO and such. The important part here is to get the best of vbulletin hosting service and customer support that you deserve. The fact that your host remains stable and reliable even when you are experiencing high traffic and number of posts are increasing rapidly, signifies that you have made the right choice in choosing the Vbulletin host for your forums. Sovbulletin hosts also provide bulletin image
fake Michael Kors hosting which is a definite plus. If your vbulletin host has a customer service team which are experts or at least a couple of experts on standby then you will not have to
replica Michael Kors handbags be worries about your vbulletin hosting needs all the time and you will be free to concentrate on core areas of your forums.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

100yo dancer Eileen Kramer choreographs and stars in new Independent Theatre production in Sydney

She soon joined the Bodenweiser Dance Company, Australia’s first modern contemporary outfit and toured around the world including South
replica Michael Kors handbags Africa and India.

After a 20 year stint in the United States, Kramer decided to return home to Australia last year at the age of 99.

"I wanted to hear a kookaburra. I wanted to smell a
Michael Kors handbags outlet gumtree," she said.

Try to do creative work, because if you’re dealing with creative work you’re doing something new all the time.

Since returning, Ms Kramer has appeared in a video clip for musician Lacey Cole and has been inspired to create The Early Ones after receiving sponsorship from the Arts Health
Michael Kors outlet Institute and the Arthur Boyd Trust.

Fellow dancers Anya McKee and Patrick Harding Irmer said working with Kramer had been an amazing experience.

"She’s quite the inspiration and she’s also very well rooted in the history of modern dance
cheap Michael Kors handbags in this country," McKee said.

"She’s such a beautiful creative spirit and also a really
cheap Michael Kors physical
cheap Michael Kors outlet body still at 100 years old, so that idea that you need to stop dancing in your 30s like I am or your 40s, and you have to get everything done before then, is just gone."

Harding Irmer, who is in his 60s, said there were no
cheap Michael Kors excuses or complaints in the studio when in Kramer’s company.

Michael kors handbags outlet used to sometimes being the oldest person in the studio but working with Eileen, she’s definitely the more mature person and I can bow to her experience," he said.

Kramer has maintained creative control over her work, which includes making the costumes.

She has even invented a new form for herself after losing sight in one eye.

"I call it minimal expressionism. Mostly I stand still and perform," she said.

A Pozible fundraising campaign is also underway to help produce the show as well as to support Kramer, who currently lives in a hostel for people at risk of homelessness.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes: